mute the direct sound of the guitar

Good evening, I’m a new user, I would like to know how to lower the guitar sound and hear only the synth sounds.
Thank you

Hello @blues63 welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

The easiest and most practical way is to adjust the balance between synth and guitar with the Mix knob.


also: if your audio interface has direct monitoring, you will hear the guitar regardless of the position of the mix knob in mg2.

for most users, it is best to disable the direct monitor option on your audio interface.

Thanks, I tried but I always hear the sound of the guitar.

Thanks, I’ll try this way and let you know.
Excuse my low level English, I’m Italian.

Thanks, it works perfectly. I have to kindly ask, how to send midi output from Midiguitar2 to vArranger, if possible. I use a guitar connected to Midiguitar2 in vst with savihost, and I would like to drive the complete arrangement with vArranger, as if it were an arranger keyboard, with bass, drums etc…
Thank you and goodbye

these pix of varranger setups are very interesting, i had never heard of it before:

on sending midi to varranger: if on pc, a program like bome midi translator will do the trick.

or try connecting your midi out port to your midi in port with a midi cable. send mg2 midi data to the output and set varranger to use the in.

Hi, basically I use everything in vst as follows: guitar with normal cable input to Creative Audigy sound card, Asio driver; then from Audigy to Mg2 and so far so good. Then I should enter Varranger again with a virtual midi cable but I don’t see the Mg2 output to be able to connect them together. Where am I wrong?
Thank you for the links you posted, but they are links with real midi cables that I don’t use.
Thanks friend.