My computer can't do 128 for latency OR is it my RME 9652?

If I set the latency at 128 and 44.1 I get crackles & pops. Is it more cpu I need or is it my sound card?

What PC/laptop are you using? Windows or Mac? Which OS version? How much RAM? Which CPU? How old is it? Any other apps running? Can’t help you without details.

Thanks for the reply. I went in to check that stuff and realized I had my Apogee Rosetta set to 44.1 along with the RME card but my Akai DPS 24 (which I mainly just use for monitoring now and all is sync’d with Wordclock) --The Akai was set to 48. So I guess that was the problem and I must say 128 buffer is a whole world of difference vs 256. I haven’t played with this stuff in years and am just getting back in the groove. Now impatiently awaiting my breath/bite controller for the SWAM saxes. Color me elated!

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Glad you found the issue. I’ve been bitten by the conflicting sample rates bug before. Not always easy to track down.

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