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My license has been stolen

hello my license folder has been stolen from my pc with the downloaded file for ver 2.1 as well and its been used on someone illegally is there is a way to change the licence i have the email and the purchased details i bought it 2016

It’s no problem. I just got back to you on email.

thank you so much i have received the mail is the old license is invalid or is it the same license as the stolen one thanks in advance

i would like to stop from being used on other pc by the one who stole

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Jam O,
I haven’t gotten a response from support, and I was told that you might be able to help me. I can’t access my original license file and need help with getting a new link. My order number was JAM201129-8434-97184. Any help here would be greatly appreciated…

Steve Lowery

I don’t know if it would work for an MG2/MB license, but something one of the original cable TV providers did was pretty cool. This was in the day when the cable carried all channels, and they put channel blockers in your line to block the unsubscribed channels. Some peeps figured that out and removed the filters themselves.

How to catch the thieves?

The cable company serving the Chicago suburbs in DuPage county ran a promotion for a really nice free leather jacket on their subscription channels. They cross-checked every entry against their subscriber list and sent the police to each one that entered but was not subscribed for that channel. Caught a bunch of them, they did.


You should be set now.