My midi guitar 2 works with Logic Pro but not with Garageband

Hello, please help.

My purchased Midi Guitar 2 full license is detected in Logic Pro but not in garageband.
In My MIDI Guitar 2 I cannot find the patch External Midi output as read in other posts.

Another question. How can I use the Logic Pro and Garageband plug ins only with Midi Guitar, that is how can I copy them and paste them where midi guitar can access them.
Becasue MIDI Guitar on its own has very few plugins and instruments.

Many thanks

Hi Jose!

Welcome here, to begin with. You say that your MG2 is not detected by Garageband, but it is so by Logic, Do you mean detected as a standalone app, or do you mean that you can open the plugin in Logic but perhaps can’t see it in Garageband?
If you are on a Mac, the virtual MIDI connection is created automatically, and there’s no need to look for any external MIDI output.
As for the plugins you can use in MIDI Guitar, first click on “Plugins”

Then click on Scan (safe)

and MIDI Guitar will find all you suitable plugins, and you will find them here once the scanning process is completed.

You won’t find any instruments that aren’t VST, AU or any of the standard formats though, and if you want to use Logics synths you’ll do that in Logic with MG2 loaded as a plugin.