Need a little help/advice

I’m running Windows 10, 64 bit. My DAW is Cubase AL 10.5 and my interface is Alesis io2 with the latest ASIO4all driver. I have purchased MIDI Guitar 2 (full).
My issue is that although I can get MG2 working in the stand alone application, I have not been able to get it to communicate with Cubase, in particular Halion SE Basic. I am a bit of a “newbie” here and think that maybe I’m missing something in the track setup, inserts, plugins…or?? MG2 connects fine in the in/out with the Alesis io2. Just can’t get the connection to the Halion VST’s, or any other VST’s
Sure would appreciate some help on this.
J. D.

Have you followed the quickstart on ?

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your quick response. Yes, that was the first thing I did. I went through it a couple of times but I will try it again now and let you know what happens.
I should say that when I do a scan of the plugins folder,(instruments/VSTi) I get an error message that MG2 could not open Hallion SE, “please restart the host”. Not exactly sure “which” host it means; Cubase or MG2.
Thanks again,
J. D.

you’re mixing up something maybe: inside a DAW you generally dont load synths into MG. the synth is loaded on another DAW track.
Scanning for plugins inside MG is only done for standalone mode.

OK, Here’s what has happened. When I create an empty project, and then an audio track(as in the video) and select MIDI guitar2 as the insert, MG2 does not register any sound…although I can hear my guitar in the headset and see that the track meters are registering sound, but MG2 is not. And thus, when I create an instrument track, the instrument doesn’t register.

…Do youthink that there may have been a problem either with download and/or installation of MIDI guitar 2??

default MG will not produce sound when loaded upon a track. it will only produce midi.

Yes, I understand that. However, as in the video, when MG2 is selected as an insert for the audio track, MG2 shows that it is hearing the guitar, as in the MIDI velocity and master gain panes. And there is nothing registering there. Any ideas?

Please check the interface section MG plugin: only buffersettings underneath 1024 will produce sounds. ASIO guard will push the buffersettings up too high, that is why it must be disabed. 256 is a normal buffersize.

I have disabled ASIO Guard and set buffer to 256 from the start

Ahhh! Finally, at long last, I figured it out! It was a simple matter of properly setting channel input/output settings… One step I missed in the track setup. Sheesh! I am a little bit embarrassed.
I have to say Paul that I really appreciate all the time & effort you’re giving me. Thanks so very much!!
Cheers, Malaix

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oh, please dont feel embarrased: most likely our little survey here will help others find it more quickly :wink:

Thanks so much for your reply. I followed this procedure but realized that the reason it didn’t “connect” was because I neglected to make the proper setting in my audio interface. everything is working fine now. Thanks for the tip on Firefly. I’ll check it out.
Cheers, Malaix