Need For a Simple, Basic, Setup Tutorial

I downloaded the demo version of MIDI Guitar 2 and installed the VST version as well as the stand alone version.

It was recognized by Cakewalk by Bandlab and I was able to insert it into an audio channel.
After spending an hour and a half or so trying to get it setup I still have no output from it, no sound.
I can’t get any sound from the synths included in it nor the synths that I’ve had MIDI Guitar 2 scan for although my MIDI keyboard can play the internal synths of MG2.
My guitar pickup is coming through just fine into the input so that’s not the issue.

I’ve found some very detailed and lengthy YouTube videos about MIDI Guitar 2 but have yet to find a resource that gives clear, simple, basic info about how to get it working…

Please, if someone has a tutorial that clearly explains the process I’d be grateful to learn of it.
If there isn’t one then perhaps someone at Jam Origin could make one??

before you use mg2 in cakewalk, it would be helpful if you first ran it in standalone mode.

this way you can determine if the problem lies with mg2 or with cakewalk.

almost anyone can get the standalone version up and running in a matter of minutes.

if it doesn’t work on your system, it will help if you provide info on the os and on your audio interface.

another thing to look for is the visual indicators showing incoming audio, midi sound, and guitar sound. if you don’t see any activity there you probably have a routing issue in cakewalk.

Thank you so much Kimyo.

I’ll follow your suggestions and hope to get it working.

I have some facility with using VSTs but for some reason am having this problem getting MG2 up and working. (So perhaps I’m not going to be “almost anyone” for this issue :slight_smile:
(I did open the stand-alone version and couldn’t get sound from it either but I need to look at it again.)

I’ll post the results of my efforts.

Thanks again.