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Need help

New user - just bought today.

Using with LOGIC

Having problems with tracking - not accurate at all

Can play as plug-in in Logic and invoke other instruments from 3rd parties

BUT as soon as I hit PLAY or RECORD, MG2 stops responding and makes no sound. As SOON as I stop the transport in Logic, the sound comes back. It even plays the tail of the sound it should have played when Logic was active.

It does this in new Logic files as well as existing ones.

Anyone got any ideas please?

(Anyone know how do to raise a support ticket with JamOrigin??)

It sounds like you have a too high sample rate and/or buffersize setting in Logic?
(in this case there will be warning symbols in the INTERFACE section of MG)

Also, make sure you watch the Logic guide at MIDI Guitar & MIDI Bass Support – Jam Origin

Hope this helps.