New breath controller

AirMotion is a new breath controller from Papritech that is offered at a very affordable price.

Does anyone have any information about this product?

Maybe @LoFiLeiF can tell us more? :wink:


Looks like its a breath and motion controller, wonder if it is MPE or not. I saw this one supposedly will have MPE: Photon mouthpiece

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Hi @Herold
I had not seen this until now At a quick glance it sort of ticks a lot of boxes, but when I checked the videos these guys have out I got a bit more hesitant. First; No bite sensor - it is not a biggie for most of us , but when I think of how I actually use the TEControl BBC2, I use the bite WAY more than the gyro (tilt, Nod) functions. Secondly, For it to be wireless in any interesting way (for me), I want a rechargeable unit in itself. The BBC2 and the WIDI Uhost + a power bank isn’t much less wireless than just a power bank (for which you have this annoying cable - the thing I REALLY want to get rid of). And third, although it looked sturdy, and that is of course a good thing, I am not sure about the (harmonica) neck holder. But this is all from a guy that is VERY set in his ways.:relaxed:
That price however should look good to anyone interested, that have not bought anything yet and is sure that the bite sensor isn’t important.

@Bolt The Photon on the other hand, I have had my eye on for the longest time. This really seems like something of an evolution of the basic product. Hopefully if won’t ruin me, because I will probably get it as soon as it hits the market. :grinning:

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Why do most of them have what looks to be the cheapest possible cable :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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@LoFiLeiF @Bolt Thanks for the info, although I’m tempted to use a breath controller which offers more simultaneous functions than 2 feet on pedals, I’m not ready for that yet, both in terms of budget and time availability. Someday will come…

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I know! I thought so too. Those tiny cables look like they will break instantly. But I must say, I have two TEControl units and I haven’t had any issues with either. And it is probably not from lack of being used. But they definitely don’t look the part! :face_with_monocle:

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I just looked and there’s a wireless version rechargeable. However, they wanted more than 200 dollars to post Greece!!!

Update!! Just ordered the plus version, wireless and rechargeable!! Postage a sensible amount…

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Great! You get to be the test pilot here. Let us all know how it works once you get it? :handshake: :face_with_monocle: :+1:

Will do, though I’m a novice with midi settings !

I’ll be around to help out with what I can! Just let me know when and if you need help! :+1:

Brilliant! Love your generosity of spirit!

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I was looking at it. Basically it connect via Bluetooth to a smart phone and the phone connect to the computer. Also I didnt know if it had pitch bend capabilities. That time I wasn’t introduced to MG2