New computer... MGFG not working

Upgraded to a new iMac and no signal is reaching MGFG. Going thru a Quantum 2626 (signal is reaching that). Set for “External Midi Output” with the Quantum set of input and output.
What am I missing??

there’s a permissions issue sometimes? allow the mic or something…

sorry, not a mac person.

Even when I set the input to MIC… I get nothing.

If you try it using the standalone version, you need to make sure that the input where your guitar is connected to the Quantum 2626 is selected as input in MG2 (under “interface”). I don’t unterstand why you are configuring MIDI ports at this stage? First check if MG2 is getting the audio input signal from your soundcard.

I’m not using the stand-alone. There is no "interface (but there is ‘Device’) and Quantum is selected. MGFG is getting no signal from the Quantum.

Can you post a screenshot where the AUDIO DEVICE settings are opened?

Aha, then you are talking about MG3? Just provide some more details (host, screenshots).

Here’s the screen shot

The settings in your screenshot looks good, assuming you have your guitar plugged into the first input of your interface.

So, everything points to missing microphone permission. Are you sure you got that?
Mac => System Settings =>Privacy & Security => Microphone => MIDI Guitar for GarageBand

Spot on!!! It’s alive! Thank you SO MUCH!!!