New Computer Win 10, 64 midi guitar not recognized

I just dowloaded MIDI guitar 2 trial for my new machine AMD A8 Windows 10 64bit, but MIDI guitar doesn´t see my input (or any of the outputs) which is a Focusrite Scarlett 2ch, Windows recognizes the usb input via the internal sound settings fine. Any clue why?
PS- It sure got recognized on my ancient Windows 7, my goal is to use it with either Finale, Musecore or Sibelius hopefully!

You have to install an ASIO driver. If your Scarlett doesn’t come with its own ASIO driver, use the one from

I did however MG did not see it however I downloaded the USB(other than the Win ones)drivers and it showed up in MG. Unfortunately I got discouraged reading at the forum that MG it will not really work as a input device for Sibelius or Finale, that is sad!