New here - MG2 isn't showing up in DP

Alright. 2019 Mac Pro 193 GB, Monterey 12.7.2, Digital Performer 11. I copied the AU component into the audio plugin/component folder. It passed inspection and is there in the plugins list. I have yet to buy the license. I’m hoping this does what I want/need it to do. I have a Ztar Z6S but am underwhelmed. So I might be looking for something that doesn’t exist. I need it to write midi data into the DAW, not just playback sounds. I need to be a controller for my synths and samplers mainly in my studio.

I have refreshed the plugins, I have rebooted the Mac. I also don’t see it in the Core Audio Audio/Midi window. I would GLADLY pay if it works!

Wow. How weird. Not one reply?

Sorry, Im not familiar with DP, and have my hands full at the moment, but I know MG2 has been working fine with DP .

Did you copy the VST version too? I’d advise using the VST rather than the AU. But it should work also th AU. MG should be there as an audio effect (not an instrument).

Did you try MG3 beta?

I have not tried beta. I think I did copy the VST version as well.