New M1 Macbook Air

Hi, I purchased the app about six months ago for my older MacBook Pro. It’s having some issues, so I thought about getting one of the new MacBook Airs with the Apple silicon. Will your software work with a new Mac/emulation?

We’ve been using an Apple Silicon Mac (development transition kit) for half a year to prepare.

The Mac Store version (MIDI Guitar for Garageband) has been updated to run native on M1. On our pre-M1 chip the old MG 2.2.1 AudioUnit still works under Rosetta2, but we don’t have any first hand evidence yet from the real M1.

Frankly speaking, as a long time Apple user, I almost expect that Apple will break the MG AudioUnit at any point. We saw recently how they broke virtual MIDI on iOS 14.2 for seemingly no reason (other than missing QA in Apple) and without notice to developers. The same may happen on Big Sur or whatever comes next.

In any case, we are working hard on a big MG AudioUnit/VST update that will run native on both ARM64 and x86-64. I expect a few weeks…


Great and Timely Question :slight_smile:
I am happy to report (but not surprised) that both MIDI Guitar 2 and MIDI Bass (MG2 Synth + More = The Best Sonic Interface on the planet) run perfectly on my Silicon / M1 Mac Mini. At this point, all of my VSTs / AU / FX plugins are also operational with the exception of Native Instruments (Komplete / Maschine / etc…) but, I have first hand info that Native Instruments is working expediently to resolve any / all issues. A little odd tidbit…my 16GB / 8 core M1 based Mac Mini competes with my 64GB / 8 Core 2013 Mac Pro!!! Yes, this sounds a insane but I have am testing side by side, also take a look at the , recently released reviews, and test / benchmarks. Pretty amazing.

Hope this helps, and good luck


So, I would definitely recommend moving forward with any of the Apple M1 based devices.


Great news, S8!
We’re moving as fast as we can with a native M1 version, in any case.



Just checking to see if native M1 compatibility announcement is close?


At first we thought that M1 would require an immediate update, and were prioritising porting MG2 over to M1, but then it turned out that there are no problems with version 2.2.1 under rosetta, and it made more sense to focus our resources on the upcoming big updates, which of course supports M1.

Thanks for the update. Do you know when that update is expected? I am getting strange artefacts when using MG2 through Rosetta2 in Logic Pro X. Thanks.

Ok, we will change the plan again to make a small release of a MG2 “compact version” for M1 which will have just the parameters that are needed to get MIDI into a DAW.
For the full version with all bells and whistles, there is version 2.2.1, until our next major update is ready.

That will be hotly anticipated. Thanks.