New Member - MIDI Bass Trial Version

Hello, I don’t know anything about MIDI. Here is my first experience with the stand alone MIDI Bass.

I want to:

  • Generate MIDI Bass for my Guitar Pro software to make note input easier to write charts.
  • Play walking bass with acoustic bass sound (I have to buy a software instrument, right?)
  1. The website keeps telling me that my Trial version has expired, but when I re-download MIDI Bass it gives me the same version 1.0 etc and tells me the same thing, this version has expired.

  2. I only want hear some type of MIDI bass sound to test the tracking but I keep hearing the patch (electric piano) all crazy random sounding mixed with my bass. I don’t want to hear my bass, I want to hear a MIDI patch and test the tracking. Isn’t there a Bass sound available to test the tracking?

  3. It would be helpful if I could read the Help section as I make adjustments but the Help section explains too much (and blocks the controls), telling me how magical things are while I am trying to figure out what to change, so you have to go back and forth to the Help section and to the MIDI control section.

  4. Please recommend which controls to adjust. I have my instrument volume on full but there is no tracking. I hear my bass fine but I hear midi piano randomly mixed in.

  5. Even when I turn my bass completely off I still hear piano notes coming out randomly.

I will just shut this down for today and check the forum later.


  • MIDI Guitar & bass are optimised for playing sounds live: if you want to use them for notation you’d have to quantisize and cleaned up in a DAW, and export the midi to a scoring app like Guitar Pro. This requires thorough knowledge of midi as well as your scoring app. We hope to release a transcription app in the future to make things easier.

  • Acoustic bass is not in the package, you’d have to find a VST/AU doing that. Also that sound is available in Garageband, Logic X and other supported DAW’s

  1. If you run our trial standalone, a message will interruption popup will come every few minutes. Click on “continue” to just go on with the app
    In MIDI Bass the “Rhodes” preset will not be interrupted! In MIDI Guitar the unlimited preset is “Test Piano”

  2. If the “mix” knob is full to the right, and you still hear your original bass: you have direct monitoring enabled on your interface. See your interface manual if needed.

  3. The help section is interactive: while each section is hilighted, you can edit that particular section.

  4. You probably havent set the right audio interface and input channel: most likely your computers microphone is used for input.

  5. See 4.

MIDI Bass is only available bundled with MIDI Guitar: the shoplink in the MIDI Bass trial is faulty.

Ok, thanks Paul. I will study your response and get back into the app soon.

RE: MIDI Bass/Guitar Pro - That sounds great, thanks.

  1. Ok, thanks.

  2. I swept the Mix knob a bit and it didn’t reduce the chaos, but finally left it in the middle, default position. The Input Monitoring sounds like the culprit. Thanks.

  3. Sorry, sometimes these knobs and tech make me fall asleep at the wheel :slight_smile:

  4. Set the right Interface in Logic (using stand alone for now) or something in MIDI Bass? Possibly the mic was being used and confusing the MIDI Bass program? My I/O is set to Focusrite/Saffire in mac System Prefs with my bass on the Channel 1, but yes I will check the signal chain.

But when using MIDI Bass stand alone, you mean the Input Monitoring default in my Saffire?

RE: Logic. I saw a chart on the Jam Origin website and for Logic it said N/A for VST. I was confused by that. If I buy an acoustic bass software instrument I can use it in Logic with MIDI Bass right?

Thank you, Paul, that was helpful.

Not sure if Logic supports VST plugins yet, or not. I think it only supports AU plugins. And AU plugins have a MIDI routing limitation, IIRC. I’m a Windoze guy. Sorry if in error.

When you say “acoustic bass,” do you mean an AUB (acoustic upright bass)?

If so, and if you have the full version of Kontakt, Orange Tree Samples CoreBass Pear AUB Kontakt instrument is excellent. Been around awhile, but still sounds great.

A really good instrument even at its list price ($59).

If you don’t have Kontakt, Ample Sound has 2 good choices, an AUB and an acoustic 4-string bass. Either is around $150. (ABU - Ample Bass Upright III) (ABA - Ample Bass Acoustic III)

Wow, that’s great.

Yes, Acoustic Upright Bass (ie, jazz walking lines, etc). So, you can buy one of those software acoustic basses and get it plugged into MIDI Bass? That is what I assumed but I have never done that, or triggered any midi before.

Much appreciated. Thank you.