New piano piece Midi guitar power up! with Cubase/Analogue Lab/Midi guitar

Upgraded to the PC version of Midi guitar from iOS! loving it so far, I started doing full orchestration. but first a new piano piece. This is using a piano sound from Analogue lab 4, lots of great sounds in there that seem to track very well with midi guitar! My fingerpicking technique has definitely improved, really focussed on clean playing. Let me know what you think and any vst you recommend.


I like it! It demands a really clean way of picking to get such a “piano”!

I am curious: is the variax, you mentioned? Which model is it and how do you like the guitar and its possibilities?

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Very nicely played.

Let me know what settings you used in MG for midi control.


Cheers, I have the Variax Shuriken 250 then I go through into a helix floorboard via the Cat5 connection, that way I can change the volume of each individual string (even completely mute strings if necessary) - I find that really helps with tracking as I notice I play different strings at different volume levels, I have particular problems with the D string, even when tweaking the tone and gain settings in MG I seem to get over excited and hammer it :slight_smile:
The variax has some great possibilities as well as different guitar models it allows to switch between tunings on the fly. Its quite an expensive piece of kit, I guess i need to cut down on the beer consumption to balance out the expenditure!

How are you doing with Midi guitar, record anything else recently?

Hey there Garry. Thank you! :slight_smile: I tweak the settings alot based on my playing style - in MG I have the gate at around 60 - 70 % (seems to work well for note repeats for me), gain quite low (at about 25%) and the tone and curve very high ~75%. I really think the settings depend on the style of fingerpicking. I really struggle to keep notes at a similar volume so I use the technology in my Variax/Helix to control the volume of each individual string. I also notice some piano sounds track a lot better - I either sampletank when using my ipad, or now I upgraded to the PC version the old gray piano in Arturia analogue lab 4. The acoustic piano in MG also works quite nicely of course.

Have you also done some recordings using midi guitar?


Great playing! Thanks for posting it here.

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I was on holiday the past 2 weeks and had just a cheap guitar and a selfmade little amp with me.
A project I am still involved in is a song about the death of George Floyd combined with the speech “I have a dream”, but there I am programming the synth parts and play guitar only directely.

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