New to Forum, but not to MIDI Guitar

Howdy folks. I remember way back when, when Jam Origin’s MIDI Guitar was first distributed as a pre-release beta product. I downloaded it back then and played around with it some, but it wasn’t ready for prime time yet, although I do recall being impressed with what Jam Origin was trying to do – convert audio to MIDI, which prior to their attempts had been considered impossible.

I’ve been using a Roland GR-33 guitar synth, for which I’ve now dedicated a guitar so I don’t have to hassle with removing that pickup. The GR-33 has allowed me to accomplish lots with regards to music composition that would have been difficult, if not impossible, for me to accomplish otherwise. But the GR-33 is getting rather long in the tooth (I’ve owned mine for 20 years), and its tracking could be a lot better. Even when playing as cleanly as I can, I usually have to go back into the music software and perform extensive edits to the MIDI files I create.

Recently I saw a spot on YouTube where this guy was blazing away real time on his guitar using MIDI Guitar and he was having zero tracking issues. Now that got my attention. So I downloaded a MIDI Guitar demo again, for the first time in many years. It looks basically the same, although I did spot quite a few improvements. For one thing, I’m not stuck with just acoustic piano for the demo. I also notice where the price has taken a 50% bump since the last time I checked. Oh well, what hasn’t gotten bitten by inflation?

I haven’t tried out all the capabilities that MIDI Guitar has, but I’ve tried to at least look through them, and I have a few questions, which I’lll list below.

  1. I see that the demo version comes with 24 patches. Does the paid version have more, or is that it?
  2. It also appears that MIDI Guitar can be used as a controller, which means I can access the patches of other MIDI synths. Am I correct in this assumption?
  3. I use Cakewalk (by Bandlab) as my DAW. I’m assuming I can interface MIDI Guitar with it? Will I be able to set it up as a channel output, the way I do with other synths? I’ve only tried it out stand-alone so far.
  4. In CW I will often load more than one copy of a synth so I can have more than one channel using it. Most synths I come across are not multitimbral, so this can become a necessity if I want to use more than one patch. I’m assuming MG will work in this capacity as well? How is it for CPU loading?

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. I’ll probably have more questions as I delve deeper into the software.

Hi there…I’ve never answered on a forum before [not really what I’m here for] but as I use Cakewalk I thought I’d answer some of your questions.

  1. I don’t think the paid version comes with more patches as I never use them for anything.
  2. This IS what I use MG2 for ,controlling other synths ,either as a plugin in Cakewalk,or in the standalone version. So YES,you can use it as a controller.
  3. MG2 shows up as a VST plugin in Cakewalk, but also as a MIDI controller on Tracks.
    So I load the VST of MG2, then load a Synth On it’s own [ie, NOT in the MG2 window.] and just use MG2 as the INPUT for the Synth.
    I’ve loaded 4 instances of OMNISPHERE 2 and had no problems at all using a buffer size of 128.
    Hope that helps a little…as I said ,I’ve never answered a question before,and I’ve been recording/playing for 22 years.
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Thanks for your response! You got me by a couple of years, recording-wise. I began building my DAW back in 2001 and I still have a few hardware remnants left from that time frame that still get used. As for playing, well, I began way back in the dark ages. 1965 is when I picked up the guitar.

Okay, it sounds like MG is exactly what I need. I still can’t believe how well it tracks! Amazing! Looks like I’ll finally be retiring my GR-33 . . . although, I may keep it around as just a synth. It has some really great sounding patches.

About getting it to work in Cakewalk, were there any unusual hoops you had to jump through to get it to work?

Hey Michael. As you may remember from the Cakewalk forum I also have an ancient GR 50 as well as a Godin guitar with the built in hex pu.
I’ve played around with Midi Guitar a few times in Cakewalk and it’s great. Only issue is the time out of the demo mode. The supplied instruments are pretty basic I don’t think anyone would use them other than for messing around with the software.
The latency is about the same for me as with my GR50. So it must be great for folks who don’t want to fork over the $ for a hardware Guitar Synth. I’ve even read it out performs Fishman Triple Play.
I’ve put it on my wish list and will definitely buy it soon. First gotta finish the renovation of our house.

I’ve been away from the forum for a while because I didn’t have anything new to report. Well, last night I finally bought a license for MG2. Today, I intend to spend some time with it, see what all I can do with it.

Hey Cactus, good to see you over here. I’ve read many of your posts over at the CW forum and I’m pretty sure that you’ve commented more than once regarding some questions I had with CW. I don’t recall your specific comments regarding your Roland guitar synth, but it’s just good to know you’ve “been there done that” with regards to it and to MG2.

Jam Origin is offering a special right now – the license purchase buys both MIDI Guitar 2 and MIDI Bass 2. Dunno when I’ll have the opportunity to use MB2, but it might happen one day.

But this got me to thinking. I own two extended range guitars – a baritone and an 8 String. Both have low A strings (one octave below the open 5th string on a guitar, or same as the open 3rd string [is it?] on a bass). So what I’m wondering is – will MG2 track notes that go down that low? If not, will MB2 track notes that go as high as on at least a 22-fret guitar (high D, in other words)?

Hi, I also use Cbb. Extended Range Guitars will need to use both MB2 to track the low strings and MG2.
MG2 has a preset for (E)Drop D and that tracks well, but lower notes than D will track better with MB2.