New to Jam Origin .. a few questions:

Hey all, I’ve been messing with JamOrigin for GarageBand and decided I would like to purchase the full version and use it on my live setup when playing out. I’ve got a few questions I was hoping some might know the answers to before I purchase!

  1. If I purchase MidiGuitar 2 for Windows/Mac … do I have to purchase it twice if I want to use it on both? I like to use my Mac for GarageBand & my HP Laptop for Ableton.

  2. For those who perform live with this … do you let these sounds run through your guitar amp? I’ve been using my Boss Katana at a low volume when messing around it so I haven’t been too worried. But for live gigs I would be using my Fender Hot Rod … would these synth/keyboard sounds at different frequencies mess up the amp?

  3. Is there a recommended pedal to buy to use as a footswitch for changing between patches? Is there a way to connect this to the DAW?

  1. Our licenses are personal, you can install MG on any of your computers, as long as you are the only user.
  2. That is pure a matter of taste. I you use sounds that mix with guitar, it often very cool to have a wetmix in a guitaramp. when you however use a lot of drive from your amp, then the synth would distort too, and that might not be what you want.
  3. any midi footcontroller would work. I can however not recommend the irig bleuboard, that is just not a professional product.
    Behringer FCB1010, Pacer, mcMillen Softstep all are good pedals.