New user...Midi Guitar 2 acting like I haven't purchased it

Hello, all. I downloaded Midi Guitar 2 to my Mac last October and purchased it a couple of weeks ago. I used the app briefly as a free app when I first downloaded it last year, but haven’t tried to use it since I purchased it, until tonight. I opened Garageband and it wasn’t listed in the Audio Unit plugin section. I searched my Mac for the AU installer and couldn’t find it anywhere. (Does anyone here know the name of that file?) I found that there was an update in the Apple Store (2.6.6), so I downloaded that. Then I started the app (independent of Garageband), and within a minute or two, a popup appeared just like the one that pops up when you use the free version, telling me to purchase it in order to keep using it. Can anyone help me get straightened out? Thanks very much for any help anyone can offer.

You might be mixing up 2 versions:
The LE version “MIDI Guitar for Garageband” is from the appstore, the full version is however from the fastspring shop.
If you bought it back then in the appstore: go to the shop inside and click “restore purchases”. MIDI Guitar for Garageband has no plugins, it works with virtual midi.
See for help there

If you bought the full version:
full version comes with mails with a temp link to your license.
If the license link is expired, adn you cant find your license < yournamehere >.license, contact
you need to install the plugins by hand: info is on