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New User - What I hoped for with Midi Guitar 2

Hi all, I’m a long time Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar player. I was thrilled to learn about MIDI Guitar 2. I suffered a playing injury (trigger thumb) a year or so back. I’m now playing electric guitars for the ease of play. I’ve become accustomed to the additional real estate with the electric guitar and am seeking to use Ample VST’s i.e. the Taylor acoustic to play acoustic guitar parts into my recordings using my electric guitar. I’ve learned of the need to “adapt” to MIDI playing. The latency inherent in MIDI Guitar 2 with Ample guitars is too slow for my style of playing. I don’t consider this too much of a loss though, the tech is new and may well develop down the road. In the meantime I’m adapting. Not much interest in synths, but to be free of the keyboard which is a mystery to me and to now to have ready access to VST’s is very powerful, so I’ll keep watch. I know I’ll find uses for this tool, and will keep hope that one day it will be quick enough to use for my purpose. Anyone else in the same boat? If so advise is appreciated. Perhaps this will be much improved in MIDI Guitar 3? I’m using Reaper as my DAW. Thanks for reading!

Hello Bob, welcome here :slight_smile:

I appreciate knowing that you are one of those people who do not want software to do what they want it to do, but who seek to adapt to the constraints to better exploit the possibilities offered.

I think you will quickly appreciate the possibilities offered by the guitar plugins. As for the “synth” part, you will surely discover little by little some interesting uses.

The first one that I appreciated was to play a chorus on sustained synth chords (organ, strings, pad…).

Lastly, by using the MG2 plugin in a prerecorded guitar track of Reaper, you will be able to test various synths which will inspire you new ideas.

Do you think this would be quick enough to pickup a relatively slower picked steady arpeggio ? Just to note : I use Reaper too.

Even a quick steady arpeggio could be played :wink:
This will depend on the olaying’s precision.

Listen to the responsiveness in this video (+ some arpeggios in the first minute)

A 2021 MIDI Guitar 2.2.1 setup