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Hello, i am just starting with the trial version because i don’t have the money now to buy it. I think its’s great but i have to mention some issues i had.
First, the standard piano, when you open MG2, is out of tune. Nothing to worry about but is annoying.

And the second was installing into GigPerformer 3 but not looking correctly.

the builtin piano is tuned to standard 440, you should tune your guitar likewise.
Inside the piano is also a random detune knob, you can set that to 0.

Done, thank you for this information.

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Hello, welcome here!
I had a look at your problem with MG in Gig performer forum.
It seems that you still do not see MG plugin in the GP plugin manager.

Excuse me for these stupid questions:

  • your MG plugin is well named " MIDIGuitar2-64bit.dll" ?
  • it is not blocked by a firewall or maleware service?

I have MG running in Gigperformer here on macOS, also never heard of users not able to load it on windows version.

Hello, i have solved the problem. I think (i perhaps) made the error to try to get the 32 bit version into GigPerformer. I tried the other one and it all works, until i broke the plug from my guitar.
But it works.


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