Newbie here, Catalina and Ezkeys - Use Logic pro x

Hi, would like to buy the program as a plugin, doing the trial version right know to see if Ezkeys works with it and it does not, i must do something wrong? I am using logic pro x, imacpro with lot of memory… 128g. appreciate help.

Also when i use the program alone which is the only way on the trial, i got no piano sound, i can hear the guitar but nothing else. I use Scarlett 18/20. I see the notes on the keyboard moving so it gets the signal.

ps: i used the trial version found in this page to download the trial:

The link (which I removed because it is a temporary private link) is the link to the full version. So I dont know exactly why you where talking about the trial only.
Ezkeys will surely work with it.
You have to select the interface in and output in the interface section of our app. Also be aware of your Scarlett interface settings.