Newbie problem, not hearing MIDI/Test piano

Hi, thanks in advance for the newbie question!

I’ve downloaded the free trial version to get acquainted(will upgrade to full soon) with the system. I am running a mid 2012 macbook pro, 2.5 ghz intel core i5, 16 Gb memory, 500gb SSD HD. Currently running OS Sierra10.12.6, am in the middle of installing High Sierra. Probably won’t go higher due to other apps not working.

I’ve attached a Fosusrite Scarlett 4i4. MidiGuitar recognizes the 4i4 as the input/output. latency set at 256 @ 44.1khz When I play the guitar, I see activity on the piano, tuner, gain etc…but I’m just getting the guitar tone, no test piano.

I have not loaded any of the software that came in the focusrite bundle (some required os 10.3 or newer, hence the upgrade process) and just plugged the interface directly in for now.

What am I missing here? Thanks for the nooob help!!

My problem is that when I plug in, I only hear my guitar signal, no

Direct monitoring is probably activated on the interface.

On my interface, MAudio, there is a knob which you turn to hear a mix of signals. Fully anticlockwise gives your direct signal, fully clockwise all processed signal, and all points in between for a mix. It is easy to forget that when first starting out !!