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Newbie topic: Setting up MG2 w/ Garaband

In Garage Band biting the controller makes the sax have vibrato but the breath has no effect. Any ideas?

'just got the breath controller - works with MG2 and the TecMidi breath app - but I can’t get the breath controller to work with the sax sound on Garage Band. Biting the controller makes the sax have vibrato but the breath has no effect. Any ideas?

Hi Henk! Am I correct in thinking you have the TEControl BBC2 breathcontroller? If you do there is also a little software interface program that goes with that.You assign control to whichever of the four functions (breath, bite, tilt and nod) you want to use by matching what CC number is in use with your particular instrument function to that function.Usually stuff like vibrato is mapped to MOD wheel function, which normally would be CC1 perhaps if there is an additional expression CC also mapped (CC11). Breath controller are commonly used with CC2 assinments, but it is relevant to know what the instruments CC mapping are. So, 1) Do you have this TEC software in place? and, 2) What instrument exactly are you playing?

Hi again Henk. I never use GarageBand anymore so I had to start up another computer to look at this. IF you are using the TEC BBC2 and IF you are using the GarageBand stock saxophone all you need to do is to set your breath part of the controller to send CC11 messages on MIDI Channel 1

If you also want to use your own guitar vibrato instead of the horrible scripted stuff in the GarageBand app, go to the bite function and disable it on the MIDI channel slot. You can use the bite sensor for something better.

You now go into the MIDI Guitar plugin and see to that BENDS are enabled and set to bend range 2 (in this case)

Good luck!

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Thanks for all the help! it’s working now. The problem was that I didn’t have the breath set to CC11

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