Newbie...with Graphtech Midi Ghost


I built a Les Paul along the lines of Fripp’s specs: I use a Graphtech Midi System and since I have it installed I was wondering if it is compatible with your Jam Origin? If it is I will use a MacBook Pro. And what interface should I use it?

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well, anything is possible.

  1. if you use a single sum channel of the strings you send this to MG on your laptop. This will be the same as using your normal pickup however.

  2. if you create groups ( e.g. 2 bass strings on one channel, 4 other strings on other channel), you can use 2 MG’s on your laptop.

  3. outlandish, but very cool:
    if you have GK output connector you can connect a Boss GP-10: this will get 7 channels into your computer, and make splits where you want, add MG where you want ( string separated ). You’d be using a graphical wire up live host like Gigperformer.

Good Morning Paul,
Thank you for immediate response and ideas. Your information has given me a starting point and a route to follow. I will look into option 3.

Thank You and I wish the best for you and your family
during these trying times.