Hi there,
I just downloaded and paid for a mg2. I want to be able to play the violin on my guitar. From the videos I have seen on playing the violin on the guitar I am guessing that you get a violin vst and put it in a directory and then use manage plugins and point it to the directory that has the violin vst. The vst will then be loaded into the program.

I am not using any daw program. I am using windows 11 and a focusrite interface.

Thanks for your help.

you’ve got the basic gist of it.

if you describe your needs i’m sure someone here will have some suggestions.

maybe you want synthy violin like jean luc ponty? americana? classical?

the swam ones are often described as ‘authentic’, but they’re expensive.

some free options:


Thank you for the link for the free violin VST. I noticed that the Strings from Spitfire audio will not download it. When I hit the down load button it just brings me to their catalog to purchase their sounds.

Anyway, I have a problem. I cannot get the acoustic piano to play out of my studio monitor. I went through the help menu and followed all the procedures. I have took pics of my settings. When I push the direct monitor button on my Focusrite the guitar sound plays so I know that my interface is set correctly.

Thank you for any advice

Regarding Spitfire, some of their sounds are free, others are not. LABS Strings should be free, make sure you if you are interested you register and install the Spitfire App, then LABS Strings if you want. I don’t use those sounds, but have heard good things about them.

Also, if you do spring for the SWAM violin, they have run Black Friday? sales in the past. I’m pretty sure that’s when I got mine.

Do you see some spikes at the MIDI velocity meter when you hit the strings? If not the routing or settings in MG2 aren’t correct.

It should look like that:

Thanks for the information. I will register & try again.

Thanks for the info, I will try again with the settings on your screen.

Hi Ronald, you can’t get the same picture since I have a different audio interface but you will need to see the incoming MIDI notes (MIDI Velocity / right circle mark on my screenshot) if all is set correct.

Yes, I know. I also have 2 other audio interfaces I can try. A Presonus audio & a Riff audio one for my Positive Grid software.

I also have a Mac computer with the MIDI guitar ver 3 on it that I have not played with yet.

After reading other posts on my problem. I found out that other people were having problems getting sound output with my Scarlett solo audio device, too.

The only way I got any sound is with the setup on my screen shot. I had to use the piano keys to get any sound as my guitar did not get the piano patch sound.

Other people said that their Steinberg UR22C works with the mg2. I ordered a Steinberg UR22C from Amazon to test it.

By the way if you open up mg2 and there is nothing in the bar next to the cpu on the top right below the help tab, close the program and open up again until you see something in the bar. If there is nothing in the bar you will not get any sound from mg2.

The Steinberg UR22C definitely works well with MG2/3. My guess is that if you have no CPU load, you don’t have an ASIO driver selected (maybe just a native motherboard device). No need to close and reopen MG2, just make the right selections on the setup page.


I was right. I got my new UR 22C audio interface and I got everything to work. Midi guitar should tell users the recommended audio interface with their software. I wasted almost 2 weeks figuring it out!

I had worked in IT for 26 years and was a level II desktop support for IBM. I don’t think the average user for midi guitar has the experience that I have.

If you’ve worked in IT, you know that the dev should have every existing audio interface to hand to check compatibility and stability. There are too many devices on the market for this to be possible, and it’s user feedback that can point out problems.
Similarly, with third-party plugins, only users can report information to the plugins devs so that they can revise the code.

By the way, the Scarlett Solo works perfectly with Midi Guitar (v2 and v3) and other audio applications.

The Steinberg UR22 works well but I got rid of it because the Steinberg asio driver was not multi-client, unlike the Scarlett Solo which can handle several asio applications at the same time.
And ASIO4ALL underperforms and is too unstable.

I found this for my iPad, cheap!

Wonder if anyone has used this.

Yeah, the ios (maybe the mac version as well?) are quite a bit cheaper than the Windows version. I can’t vouch for the ipad or mac version but I would assume they are just as good. I believe they may be in geoshred as well?

I registered and found the free strings patch. Not really free, you have a 14 day free trial which means you will end up playing for it after 14 days.