No Audio Unit in Garageband

Hello dear Jamorigin team,
you have really created a fantastic app here. I have been a guitar player for 40 years and I am completely enthusiastic about the functionality. And you can believe I’ve played a few guitar synthesizers. That’s why I bought both add-ons for iPad. Unfortunately, “Midi Guitar” does not appear under the AU Apps, but only under Inter-App Audio. This is obviously uninteresting because it cannot be processed further as MIDI. Maybe he or your team can help, that would be great!

Greetings from Germany and stay healthy!

Tom Greiner
Vierte Wand Filmproduktion

The easiest way to use MG with GB is just using Virtual Midi. Simply choosing the External MIDI Output patch should do. For more information about this, press “help” inside MG.

Alternatively, you can load MG as InterApp audio or Audio Unit extension inside GB. In the latter case it will run as an audio FX - click the “three slider icon” and then “Plugins an EQ”.