No bend in fl studio 20 with loopmidi

Hi I’m using the method that the documentation says here . To load midi guitar 2 with fl studio 20, but when i try to enable bend mode it doesn’t work. All it does is send the note data, but not bending notes. Is there a workaround for this?

if you find the bends working inside MG standalone (use JX10 to check), the bends are

  • filtered in loopmidi or FL
  • not recognised by the synth loaded in FL

Any bend that is working inside our app, is send over the output midi port.

Yah the bends work in standalone on like kontakt and most my vsts. But not in fl 20 sent through loopmidi.

So do you guys know any alternative to loopmidi? Id even buy a alternative if its under 50$.

there is no mention of loopmidi filtering anything anywhere on the internet.
Please try the following:
-load Kontakt as a synth in FL
-use the same sound which was ok in our standalone
-on top of the plugin, you see a bendrange setting: this should be the same as the range you use in MG and Kontakt.

Actually my bad. Its because I set the loop midi port to 0 which auto runs fl plugins that are selected, but i wasnt actually inputing plugins from 0. But this current version or just the vst for fl seems to eat up way more cpu. Is there anyway I can have access to older versions to see which one is the most stable for me? The trial was working flawlessly.

there is no difference between 2.0.18 (trial) and the full 2.2.1 version regarding bends.
Here a few things that might cause confusion:
-bends are disabled when legato is switched on
-bends only work when you play 1 note at a time: when you play chords bends are automatically stopped bein generated.