No input - focusrite usb Windows 11

I’m using the demo standalone version. I have my focusrite interface connected and it’s working with another app. In midi guitar, there is no imput.

You have to make sure that the entries in MG2 under “interface” are correct.


Hello @mlsmith45 , welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

1/ when you play, you must see the signal input meter react.
If you don’t see it react, you haven’t selected the right input for your audio interce, as @Dutti67 pointed out.

If the vu-meter reacts but you can’t hear your guitar:

2/ check that you have selected an amp (direct allows neutral audio signal to pass through)

Check that you’ve turned up 3/ input gain 4/ master gain

5/ Check that you’ve turned the Mix knob counter-clockwise.

Do not forget also to deactivate direct monitor on your Scarlett in order to hear the guitar’s processed signal.

thanks so much. I got it working!