No "instrument" sounds coming thru MIDIguitar2, only guitar mag pickups

I was briefly getting the initial “Piano” instrument sound coming thru on this past Friday when setting up my system after about a year in storage, but after doing updates on quite a few applications (some of the free software from MOTU, etc.), I can no longer hear any of the various VST instrument sounds, only the mag pickups on my guitar. This had previously worked for a few months last year when I first purchased, but we moved and everything was in storage for about a year. I have tried using my Motu M4 -AND- my Helix LT interfaces, but I can not hear any of the VST instruments thru either device. The “Interface” button is flashing and no matter what input or output I use on ether device, I can not get anything to come thru the Midiguitar2 software. Any advice will be most appreciated. Thanks!

Hello Mark, maybe I can help you with some informations.

  • Are you on Mac or Windows?

  • If you can hear your guitar in MG2 it means that the audio signal comes in.
    When clicking on the Interface button, flashing is normal as this window is for settings and will be closed when finished. In this regard, does your interface name appears in the DEVICE window?

  • When playing, can you see the display reacting in the MIDI VELOCITY window?

Hey Herold, thanks for responding and sorry for not including enough info!

-Using Windows 10

-Yes, all devices appear (Motu M4, ASIO Helix, ASIO HX Stomp, Boss SY-1000, etc.).

-No, there is no reaction in the MIDI Velocity window (none of the bars are moving as they did before)…

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Ok, did you check in the audio interface windows that the channels in and out are not changed and correspond to your physical inputs and outputs? Also in the same place, be sure to set the Input Gain/dB to 50% at least.

Choosing Direct in the Guitar Amp/Fx window, can you see the the display reacting in the Guitar Gain and Mixer Master Gain ?

Herold, I did figure out part of the problem…Midiguitar 2 does not like my usb hub…when I plug the Motu M4 directly into my laptop, I can now see bars moving in the velocity section, however, I still can not hear any of the midi instruments, only guitar mag pickups…I have tried all of the inputs and outputs with no results. The inputs and outputs listed definitely match the physical connections. I have adjusted all of the gain/volume knobs on both the Motu M4 and the Midiguitar 2 software with no success. Here is a screen shot…maybe you can see something that I can’t…

It is strange because MIDI is processed as you can see it in the MIDI Velocity window.
Please insert a delay under DIRECT in the audio section and tell me if you hear the delay.

Another point: you may use a usb hub but it must a strongly powered one to avoid problems.
This is what I do.

No sir, I do not hear any delay on the midi instrument…

Can you confirm that the guitar input Monitor button is not engaged on you Motu?

It was…i think that worked…i had tried that before, but not since i went straight into the laptop rather than thru the hub. I am working now, but when I finish tonight I will take it thru some additional testing.

I purchased the Motu M4 and my new laptop last February, but moved in March and it stayed packed up until just a few weeks ago, so I never really got a chance to familiarize myself with it…Looking forward to testing the Midi guitar app with my Helix LT, HX Stomp and the SY-1000 as well (endless combinations!).

Thanks for your help on this issue!

Troubleshooting method acquired as a result of my own experience :wink:
Enjoy MG2… and all the rest.

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Hey Harold, I’m having trouble with my Hub, what are your recommendations for a good robust USB Hub?

This will depend on the number of devices to be connected to the hub and their power requirements.
It is best to calculate the total power needed and choose a hub with the same or (recommended) higher power.

As for the quality, I don’t know much about it.
I use 2 hubs (x4 and x7) from Atolla which are not very expensive and have never given me any problems.

Atolla 4 ports - 3A
Atolla 7 ports - 4A

Otherwise, many professional musicians use Anker hubs which are reputed to be reliable and solid but they are twice as expensive.

For example: Anker 10 ports - 5 A

Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face: