No matter what I try, can't load 2.21 in MainStage

I recently bought MainStage 3.

When I started MainStage up, it popped up #1 in the attached screen grab. I chose to ignore it.

I then went to the Security Settings Pane and told the system to allow it even though the developer was not verified. When I next opened MainStage, same message. I selected to open the Plug-In Manager and saw #2 in the attached screen grab.

I have reinstalled a slightly newer version of all MIDI Guitar 2 components, restarted a couple of time. Still no joy.

Any ideas on how best to make it so that MIDI Guitar 2 works for me with StageManager?


P.S. I am on a 2015 15" MacBook Pro running MacOS Monterey.

If you haven’t already given it a shot, try to select the offending plugin then reset and rescan in MainStage’s plugin manager.

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As if by magic…that worked!