No MIDI Output in Logic and Process Buffer

I’m using MIDI Guitar 2 in Logic and am wondering if there’s a way around an issue I have. Most of my experience with Midi Guitar is while writing, where the Process Buffer is Small and the Buffer is low.

Occasionally in mixes I’m doing, I want to double an already-recorded audio file of a guitar part and thought MIDI Guitar would work. In this situation I’m not monitoring or playing guitar. The problem is that my Process Buffer in these projects is Large. The manual intimates that there would be latency and a little yellow sign in the plugin reminds me of that, but I’ve found that if the Process Buffer is Large MIDI Guitar 2 doesn’t output anything whatsoever.

Am I doing something wrong, should it work? As soon as I change the Process Buffer it works like normal again. I don’t mind correcting latency by hand, but I really don’t want to change my Process Buffer during mixing. It takes a long time to re-load every single plugin in the project and sometimes Logic has to restart during the process. If I’m unlucky, a plugin might crash and then I have to load the project a second time. At that point playing it manually would have been faster.

if you want midi output from an already recorded analog guitar track, then perhaps an option would be to record it to a separate midi track while your process buffer is set low.

then you’d have the midi ready to go once you switch back to high.

not optimal, but from reading this board it seems that logic is a different beast than its competitors and needs a bit of special care.

OK. These aren’t projects that I produced generally. I’m only mixing them. So it’s not quite an applicable solution, but I will consider it when it’s relevant.