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No Midi Output into Gig Performer to trigger External VSTs

Hello JO forum. I’m trying to setup MG2 to trigger multiple VSTs in Gig Performer 4.

I can trigger and hear patches when i load a VST into an Instrument slot, but when i setup a
rackspace using MG2 midi output to Midi input of an external VST in Gig Performer there’s
no Midi activity in a Midi monitor or audio out of the VST.

Any suggestions.Thanks

Hello Tolbert, welcome in this forum :slightly_smiling_face:

It is strange, normally you just have to connect the midi output of the MG2 box to the midi input of a plugin box and it works.

  • For the audio part you have to open the MG2 window to set the gain and master gain levels.

  • For the midi part, you do not even need to open the MG2 window because there are no settings to be made (except to modify the midi velocity settings if necessary).

As for the midi monitor, it is normal that thereare no data in the GP Global Midi Monitor window because MG2 is not a midi device, but when playing guitar notes you should see the corresponding midi data either in the MG2 Midi Monitor window or in the window of an external Midi Monitor plugin connected to the MG2 plugin midi output as seen on this screeshot.

Hello Herold…I can hear synth audio using a both internal MG2 synths and VST/AU’s
in the MG2 instrument slot…still no Midi Output activity from MG2 to the GP midi


I’m trying to figure out the problem in Gig Performer:

  • In the Midi Velocity window of MG2, do you see the bar graph reacting?
  • In the MG2 Tool/Midi Monitor window is there any midi data?
  • When selecting Direct in the MG2 AMP/FX window, does the audio react in the Gain and Master Gain bargraph and do you hear the guitar sound?
  • If you bypass MG2, do you hear the guitar sound?

On the other hand, I see you are on Mac, I am on Windows and I see you are using the PA version of Gig Performer, I am using the Deskew one. :grinning:
I assume you are using the Unlocked version?
I want to continue to help you but depending on your answers to my questions, perhaps you should go directly to PA.

you need to check whether you loaded the MG as a VST or as an AU.
the AU has no local midi output, only to a virtual midi port.
so you allways have to use the MG2 VST.