No sound in Logic Pro X

Hi - I am using Logic Pro X and I am following the instruction video on your web site how to get Jam Midi working. But the guitar sound disappears when I load Jam Origin. I have followed exactly the video step by step so I am a bit confused. I am quite new to audio tracks. Can anyone give me some advice?

Thank You!

that is normal: MIDI Guitar’s default patch is silent, but will generate midi that you can use on other tracks. This is all shown in the Logic X video.

Thank you - I have followed the video but I still can’t get any sound the way it is demonstrated. If I load a piano within the JamOrigin app it is working but not in the way the video shows. There must be a fundamental error I am making. I have a clean guitar sound if I unload JamOrigin.

you most likely missed the bit at 0:47.
sofware monitoring: ON
Input monitoring only for focused track: OFF

I have done exactly as the video shows. There must be something else…

The monitor button has moved during one of Logic X minor updates:
the moniror button is now in the inspector at the bottom.
The red | should be highlited, this will keep the track alive while you visit your synthtrack

Thank you for taking your time - and yes the I is red and highlighted - the Jam interface reacts when I play - just as the video shows - but…no sound…when I load a patch…

you have to load a synth instrument on another track, the MG track doesnt need to make sound. It will work when its track has its monitoring on.
You make an instrument track, and that track will get the midi.

I have done that from the very beginning - I repeat: I have done exactly what the video demonstrates - as soon as I load JamOrigin the sound disappears -

the sound is supposed to dissappear when MG is loaded on it.
the track with MIDI Guitar on it is default silent, because the default situation is that MIDI Guitar only generates midi.
Show in the vid above starting from 1:25

Yes I understand that - the reason why I contacted this Forum was due to the fact that I couldn’t get any sound out of the ES E Synth - that is my main problem - My Mac is 10.14.2 Mojave - maybe that is the reason why it isn’t working? - I don’t know - Sir, I have to leave now - but maybe I could contact you later? I surely hope so.

we’re here to help… Mojave is no problem

I have solved the issue. When I load a new audio track - in that pop up window, there is an input and output option - I changed input to 1+2 i.e. the same as the output value (shown in the video) - and voilá the sound is there - I can play the ES E Synth as shown in the video. Thank you so much for your patience - and thank you for this wonderful software.

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