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No sound with Reaper

Hello, sorry for my English I am French!
I would like to buy Jam Origin GT 2 but I cannot register it on REAPER despite reading several tutorials. I find it good in my VSTs, I set the latency, I use ASIO, and the MIDI out, but I have no sound. I can also hear the sounds of Jam Origin GT 2 when I am on REAPER but there is no signal when the recording is armed.
However, I have no problem recording MIDI sounds with a midi keyboard.
I have been looking for several days without result, that’s why I allow myself to contact you, I am new to MIDI recording. Thank you very much if you can help me !!

If you don’t see any midi notes in the MG user interface, it’s very likely you run too high buffer size in Reaper (for real time recording). Check the “interface” section in MG - it will show yellow warning icons if this is the case. And check your buffer size in Reaper settings.

Hello and thank you for your answer. I had already decreased the buffer size in REAPER and JAM Origin GT2 reports a latency of 5.8ms. Maybe I set the signal input and output wrong?

There seems to be 2 MGs in your screenshot?? (standalone and plugin)
Also, “WaveOut” in Reaper - that’s not an ASIO driver I think.

There are 2 MGs on the screen because I thought I had to put the trial version at the same time as the VST Jam Origin MG.
I took a screenshot of ASIO. Do you think the settings are correct? Thank you !

I removed the MG which allowed me to hear the midi sounds integrated into MG. I thought it had to be put on to REAPER. I took a screenshot with the VST MG alone, I still have no sound. I have to configure something wrong …

In my VST I have 2 choices of GT Jam Origin. Which one should I choose please? Thank you !

Capture d’écran Fx 2 Jam Origin

In Reaper your asio config is OK, but check in asio4all that your usb audio In & OUT are enabled :

In Reaper, see this snapshot (in french, but the pictures speak for themselves):

In Track 1 :

  • insert MG2 in the FX window
  • in MG2 choose DIRECT in the GUITAR-AMP/FX field.
  • route Track 1 to Tracks 2 and 3

in Track 3: insert any MIDI synth in FX window

Arm recording in the 3 tracks and record.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try but I don’t have quite the same REAPER configuration, I’ll keep you posted.