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Beginner here, have the behringer UMC 202 audio interface. MIDI guitar 2 recognizes my guitar and I see in the app that it’s creating notes, but I’m not getting any sound out of the laptop. Downloaded all the necessary drivers, including asio 4 all, but still nothing, pretty new to all of this.

if the umc202 has a mix knob it should be fully towards the computer output option.

asio4all shouldn’t be necessary. is the umc listed in your asio devices or are you using asio4all to connect to it?

i had a umc404 and returned it because the latency was fairly horrendous.

UMC is listed and I’m connected to it through the driver tab. It has input knobs and and a monitor knob, using windows.

i assume the umc makes sound with other programs? you’re listening via headphones? monitors?

a screencap might help us figure out what’s not working.

online, i see a umc202hd, is that what you’re using? if so, make sure that ‘direct monitor’ is not engaged.

At work, but I can send a screen cap later, thinking about just trying it with my iPad instead, direct monitor is off.

ASIO4ALL shouldn’t be necessary
i had a umc404 and returned it because the latency was fairly horrendous

The former exists to fix the latter. I just switched to using a Spark Mini as my audio interface, and couldn’t get Positive Grid’s ASIO driver to work with it. (My one complaint with a hell of a versatile little unit). I wasn’t going to deal with the latency from DirectSound or WASAPI (I’m on Windows), so I just installed ASIO4ALL, and all is well. It’s also almost magic the way it sets up these days, pretty much plug and play. (I’d used it before, back before I got my Guitar Port which had ASIO built in, and it took some fiddling around when it was less mature.)

What I’m wondering is if OP is not getting sound using MG2 standalone, or as a plugin in a DAW.

Right now I’m using it as a stand alone, demo version. I could try running it through a DAW though, maybe that will fix it??

the interface setup looks fine.

you said you’re seeing activity, does that include the indicator next to ‘master gain’ in the mixer window?

do you have other audio software working with the umc202?

Hey man, I got it to work!!! So much fun omg!!! Lol. Not sure what I was doing wrong but plugged a cable from the headphone jack into my Laney amp and it started working. Ha ha ha.

Hello, welcome to this forum :slightly_smiling_face:

I have just looked at your screenshot and had just like to point out that you can hear sound for the MIDI part but you cannot get sound for the audio part if you do not load at least one amp in the AMP/FX window.

Hey man, I got it to work!!! So much fun omg!!!

ftatrwsy! time to crank it and shred!
(for those about to rock…)

speaking of which:

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You should still try to solve the problem, as the headphone output is not impedance matched to a guitar amp input and it is not recommended to make this type of connection.
What is more, finding a conventional solution may help other users who encounter the same problem. :wink:

Cool, so Im running it through one of the outputs in back of the interface, sounds a lot better this way, plus I’m running the app through my pedal board, with still no latency or tracking issues. Pretty cool!!