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No VST with the demo

see PM ( right top of screen here)

Can i also try the VST for my daw? Iā€™m interested in this as well.

Can someone point me to the VST demo version? Iā€™m interested in testing before I buy. Thank you!

another vote for a mac user. afraid to purchase without at least trying it in my daw

Hey, I too am trying to test out the demo with my zoom interface and only the built in input is working. Can I too please have the vst to try out in ableton so I can actually evaluate this product? Excited! Thanks!

I wasted $399 on a Triple Play that I think is faulty. I feel the same way about the VST issue, but the Midi Guitar 2 blows away the TP (pun intended) that I have. The best feature in my mind is that it works with any guitar accoustic or electric that has a pickup. I had high hope for the TP, but their customer support will only call you during business hours. What musician will go along with that?