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No VST with the demo


I downloaded the demo version and it was not usable with the asio of my UR22 interface. I had to download Asio4All for it to work. I was interested to test the application as vst in Cubase, but surprise there is no vst trial built into the demo. The application works very well and it is really remarkable, I could make the comparison with my ROLAND GI-20 which still works very well even with Cubase Pro 10. But unfortunately not possible to test MIDI Guitar 2 in Cubase.

Is it possible to use a vst like HALion 6 with your application? … I do not know … Is it possible to use vst like ROLI’s Equator with your application? … I do not know, I could not test.

Does the DAW only load audio where there is also MIDI data that is recorded or both … How does it work? I do not know, I could not test it.

Finally, is the application designed for Live performance only, or can it be used in a DAW?


Hi Renel, I just sent you a link to the VST version.

You should be able to load any VST (VST2 or 3) inside MG, including HALion or Equator, also in the standalone version.

The MIDI Guitar VST version can be used both live or to process old recordings. I will take in any audio on your DAW track and output MIDI to another track, more info:https://jamorigin.com/daw



I am having the same problem:
I would really like to try the Jam Origin Demo but I can’t.
When I try to load my audio device, this is what happens:

As you can see, I open the menu, select my audio device (the asio driver of my line6 ux1 interface) but then nothing happens, with the result: No driver = no sound!

Are there interfaces that are generally not supported?
Do I make something wrong?


PS: I already sent a support request some weeks ago and also received an answer. But my question then was probably a little too long-winded and confusing :wink:

DAW : REAPER v5.963, 64bit | PC : i5 - 4570, 3,2GHz, LGA1150, Quad-Core | RAM : 8 GB (2x4) Kingston 1333 Mhz | OS : Win 10, 64bit | Interface : Line6 UX1


At the moment, it seems as if Jam Origin is simply not working for me this way.
Still interested in trying.

Could you also send me the link to the VST demo like you did for


Are your ASIO driver working in other music software?
Please try this one:
Also, I sent you a link to the VST - when you use MG as a plugin in a DAW, its the DAW that handles ASIO devices instead of MG.


Hi, I have also downloaded the Demo exe file, but would like to try it in Reaper. I dont see any VST file to select. I have looked at the demos under the Reaper DAW links and I see here that others have asked for the VST demo, how can I get that, as I would like to test it there before purchase?


I just sent you a link.


OK thanks. But have not received the link yet?


Justin, I also send you the link yesterday: it is here in your messagebox on this forum.
Click on your avatar “J” right top of screen, click on the mail icon to see all your mesages


Aha, ok, thanks. See the link now. Will try this tomorrow on my pc.