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Non Stable using midiguitar in AUM

Im routing audio from AUM into Midi guitar 2 as a plugin on an AUM channel strip, extracting audio from that, and then routing midi to another drum synth. at least every 10mins it locks up, wont route middy, audio gives me a horrible glitch sound, and I have to close MG2 and reopen it from within AUM, at which point it resets any synth sound I had loaded back to piano

How can that be fixed to make it giggable? i pretty much got it pureley to route midi for drums, so if anyone has suggestions on another app that does it stably, im all ears.

Hi @mrcashback
I know of quite a few users that say they use AUM and MIDI guitar 2 successfully together, so I don’t think it is impossible at all. I will however go to the latter part of your question, about some other app, since there I least I know what I am talking about. I am testing out Camelot Pro (both on desktop and for iPad) and once I got over the initial “new software” brainfreeze I found it to be a really competent vst/fx/software host for live purposes. Once set up I haven’t had any stability issues, although it has crashed on me title setup a few times (tip - save often, it doesn’t autosave anything) There is a free test version - limited in size, and only for desktops I think?, but definitely worth checking out. I did a few videos on it too for a place to start:

Hope you get some better info on AUM as well. :+1:

Hi, in my experience AUM and MG2 work flawlessly, however when I do run into trouble similar to the one you are explaining, I turn completely off the ipad, then back on again to free as much memory as possible. Then I open AUM and set the buffer size to 512 and sample rate to 44k, and it’s only then that I load MG2 and all the synths and make the connections. Try it out and see if you have better luck.

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If that works, you can then reduce the bitrate to 254 and check if the whole set still holds without glitches.

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Bitrate = 256 Right?

Yes , I believe that in AUM it is under “buffer” size…sorry ! So it should read buffer size 256. In any case , the idea is that he can start with 512 which is fairly safe ( and shouldn’t be much of an issue regarding latency ) and if he can make it work with that , he can then start dropping it. Bottom line , at least in my iPad , I noticed that AUM and/or MG2 are fairly sensitive to memory issues. WHat I do before any live gig is to turn completely off the iPad and then back on ( I also disconnect the iPad WIFi and the Bluetooth - if I will not need it ). But of course all of this depends on the iPad model that someone is using.

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I was actually trying to use it at 512.

I think ive actually solved it now though, using a powered hub seems to have done the trick, it hasnt spazzed out since and ive left it running over 24hrs and thats dropping the buffer all the way down to the lowest setting which I think was 8, the dsp meter doesnt go above 30, and thats using tonebridge, biasfx, a few channel strip inserts, quantiloop and midiguitar 2.

Whats now grinding my gears though, is that quantiloop has to be manually loaded, and then when i load that manually, midiguitar loses its audio input and i have to reopen MG2 and select whats already highlighted for its input for it to start working again… annoying, but, so far, looks giggable.


@mrcashback Hey, Rob, you’ve just experienced the “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” syndrome. I spent 10 years as a design engineer, and I would never trust a buss-powered audio interface. I’m not the least bit surprised that a powered hub solved your main problem. Happy for you. Keep on rockin’ the free world! :guitar: :musical_keyboard: :drum:

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Its unfortunate. My main intention for trying to go app based was two types of gigs: fly gigs, and i guess that seems solved with it now working on power
And wedding ceremonys which are always in the middle of some feild that have no power… unsolved.
Oddly, other apps seem to function fine using the same interface on usb power, so, got me stumped, it might be more a limitation within tbe ipad while its powering external devices more so than the interface, so ill have a bit more of a fiddle to try narrow down exactly what behaviour breaks it.

Weve come a long way since i put my last gigging board together, though, and that wasnt even that long ago! Playing midi drums and bass on an acoustic guitar with no stomp, no hex pickups, no cables, i can bareley fit my main board in the van, so I cant wait to not have to lug that everywhere! Cheers.

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