Noob here wanting to set up an Emerald x10 with the "optimum" midi config for fingerstyle

Howdy I’m mostly new to midi guitar but have messed around with a GR-33 in the past and have used Midi guitar 2 on and off for the last year.

I play fingerstyle pretty much exclusively and because of the generous nut width and bridge width have decided on purchasing the Emerald X10 slimline and want to set it up for midi.
It comes with the option of a hexpander midi system but me being clueless I don’t really know if that’s up to scratch.

What got me motivated was watching this video by LoFiLeif

It’s kinda hard for me to grasp it entirely but am I correct in thinking he uses the Boss Gp-10 and the gk-kit-gt3? Obviously they are routed through 6 separate channels into Ableton with 6 instances of Midi guitar 2.

Right now I only get a short window to use the internet and my time allocation is about up but to sum it up I’d like to achieve the most responsive and versatile setup for the new guitar and could use some kind of roadmap to achieve it.


Hey @RiverRat
Now, I don’t know how resonant those Emerald X-10’s are, but they sure seem to be quite well suited for the MIDI Guitar software.
I am using the GP-10, but most often I use a Gk2 kit rather than a GK3, but that doesn’t matter really. I have one guitar setup with the GraphTech Ghost pickup system, and it has not been my favorite. The reason for this is that it is a piezo built into the bridge and as I use my whammy bar a lot I got a LOT of interference that way. For finger picking and with a regular bridge system I would expect a lot fewer issues. It is by no means bad.
So I was using just the audio part of the GP-10 and these 6 (almost) separate string signals I get from the hexpickup (GK or Ghost - no difference there) together with the 6 instances of MIDI Guitar to get these six channels to work with. But if having an instrument per string isn’t the most important thing for you, I would advise you to wait for MG3. Tracking will be practically the same but with better dynamic properties. And you get a ton of ways to set up with MPE too. There has of course been a discussion about also including a13 pin (6 channel) option into MG3, to be able to take advantage of “old” setups as wel, but you are not likely to see this in the first version of MG3. It would be good to know how you intended to use the software, to be able to give you a better answer. Is “an instrument per string” really important for instance? :grinning: :+1: