Not happy now

I was required to put my license in again and MG took out ALL my great add ons.

It won’t scan them anymore after I unzipped them again.

These were not easy combos and I’m am not happy now.

The licensing doesn’t touch any of your files.
You must somehow have deleted the MG data folder or reinstalled your operating system?

I got the Virtual Symphony Orchestra instruments scanned again which are all sfz’s but it won’t find the DSK sax or other add on instruments that worked before.

Watching it do a safe san it seems to be scanning every dll on the computer like API-MS-WIN-COR and files like that but even if I add a folder directly pointing to the DSK sax directory it doesn’t find it.

I have ALL my add on VSt’s and SFZ’s in a directory called c:\program files\vst which has several subdirectories for the DSK sax and other intruments I added which all worked fine before the license problem happened.

I hadn’t touched the computer since the last time I used MG so the only thing that would have happened is a MS update.

I think there’s a problem with the way it’s scanning because it can’t find the correct instruments and looks thru so many unrelated dll files. It never used to look at all those when I did a scan.