Not possible to pay the licence

Hi, I wanted to buy my midi guitar licence today. I tried 4 times to buy it on your store.
I have this message : “Store Error - An unexpected error was encountered. Please try again, or contact us at for assistance.”
Thank you for your assistance.

Oh, just to make sure - our shop is this one:

Please try a Private/Incogito tab in your browser to exclude any cookie problems.

Ill get in touch with the payment provider and get back to you.

I tried again with deleting cookies. Not working. I tried on FireFox too. It does not work more.
A new message on Firefox (in french cause i’m french) : “Nous regrettons que votre paiement ou commande n’ait pu être accepté. Il existe de multiples raisons pour cela. Nous vous remercions de votre confiance et aimerions vous aider à finir votre commande. Veuillez nous contacter.”

It did not work any more with a private tab in Chrome browser.
I did not fill anything in tva box. It’s ok ?
Latin accents are authorized for the name and the licence ?
I wanted to show you screenshots but your ticket center doesn’t authorize me to do it.

Ok. The shop is run by a reseller called FastSpring and I’m trying to get them to look at this and get back to you. Sorry for the wait.

I have the same problem!

Thank you for letting me know. The online reseller ( should get back to us with some kind of explanation.

I finally got a response from FastSpring. Basically your bank rejected the transfer, and that’s all they know, I will just send the response as PM.

I must admit, sometimes I think we have too many issues with Fastspring as a payment gateway and in some cases like this it seems unreasonable. I guess we have to find another reseller, maybe just Apple/Microsoft stores.

For sure. And let us pay with Paypal :wink:
I think my bank does not authorize the payment cause there is no double verification during the transaction (validation by mobile app or phone).
Could you tell me when you got another payment solution ? thanks

Ill ask them about the double verification.
It should let you pay with PayPal at least…

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Good news for me. I have been able to pay with Paypal (new feature), so my problem is solved.
Thank you for your help.

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