Not seeing "[ MIDI PEDAL ]" in Articulation options

Hi all. I just started using this software so apologies if this is a stupid question, but I’m trying to figure out how to automate/MIDI map patch changes. The Reference guide suggests that you do this with Program Changes from a MIDI controller, but I don’t have the [ MIDI PEDAL ] option in my Articulation section - only Bends, Legato and Aftertouch. I’m using a Mac High Sierra (10.13.5 ) so maybe my version is too old?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. - this is an amazing plug in.

The help file you reference is for “MIDI Guitar for Garageband” and iOS version.
The midi input selector in our full version is in “interface”, then choose your midi controller in “control”.

Hi Paul.

Thanks for the quick reply. The only options I am able to click under “Interface” are “Input Channel” to select a MIDI channel or “MIDI Learn,” which seems to allow me to assign MIDI channels to certain parameters but not Patch control.

Am I missing something? BTW I’m running this as a plug-in in Ableton Live.


there is no midi input selector in the plugin: the midi that comes in, comes from Ableton Live.
BUT: DAW’s do not feed midi into audio fx per default (MG is an audio effect).
Look here how to setup Live and other DAWs to feed midi to our plugin:

Thanks again Paul - that makes sense and I was able to set up a separate MIDI track in Ableton to accept MIDI in, but that still does not allow me to assign a MIDI knob/controller to the Patch Change function in MG. I’m still only able to assign to the designated functions like Type, Gain, Tone, etc., as pictured below. What am I missing?

patch change function is NOT a cc, that is a PC (Program Change) command.
So your controller should send PC:

Success! Thanks Paul - it took some tinkering and research but I now understand what you were telling me and have been able to automate patch changes with MIDI clips in Ableton Live. Really appreciate your help!!