Not sure if Ableton or MG2 issue, but when I pause a track recorded with a sustain pedal, the notes sustain infinitely

I have my pedals loaded on a separate track and I send the midi from it to the track that has MG2 loaded. Then I send MG2 midi to Omnisphere.

Are you using the sustain pedal for the MIDI Guitar 2 Hold (Freeze) function? That would be equivalent to telling MG2 to stop sending MIDI messages to Omnisphere until you release the pedal. And since you paused the track NOT having released nor having sent any further note on or off messages, I guess Omnisphere will keep sustaining until further notice. I shouldn’t be considered an issue in either software, but expected behavior rather. This is if you have the pedal pressed (when pausing) of course. Otherwise, it is indeed some strange behavior!

Yeah, I check the envelopes and it only happens when I pause when the sustain pedal was pressed. Is the only workaround to double press the stop button?

I think double-clicking the stop is the Abelton “Panic” action, so that should obviously work. Other than that, you might be better off finding a dedicated sustain/hold function in Abelton and apply that to the Omnishphere track directly. Don’t know if that would make a difference though. You need something that sends a note off message on pause or stop.

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