Not working in Logic Pro X


I don’t seem to be able to get MG2 to work despite following the relevant tutorials.

In the image you can see that both an audio track and a MIDI track soloed but there is no sound from the MIDI instrument, Furthermore, the noise gate looks as if it’s showing that there is no audio coming in. Additionally, as you’ll see in the picture, MG2 is reading that the buffer size is set at 2048@44.1KHz when (as you can see) it’s actually set to 128 samples.

Any help would be most appreciated.

First: Dont forget to check the general tab: the “software monitoring” needs to be set.

Second: Logic has been updated to work with those mulitpracessor Mac Pro’s and since that uses the “process buffer size” to initialise the plug ins. But one you hit record it should swap to your audio buffersettings. I don’t know what logic that is, but it is the way it works now…

Oh, and this: the monitor sign | on track Simon guitar is off.
It needs to be on ofcourse…