Not working with latest version of Reaper

Every time I try to use midi guitar 2 with the latest Version of Reaper, it closes down my session. I’ve never had this trouble before.

Reaper is highly customisable and complex, and MG can be inserted at different spots at different ways.
Please tell us how you use MG exactly (where do you insert the VST? how do you rout the midi? etc). Also check the Reaper audio preferences for new options that might be causing the changed behaviour.

I use reaper, win7 pro 64 bit, and MG2 works OK for me

Soooo, it was MY problem! I had it set to monophonic, and it quit. I reset it to polyphonic, and it works just fine.

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ok, good to hear that it works again!
that monophonic crashes, is strange however … I’ve made a note of that, we’ll keep an eye on that.

After albinoSQUIRREL posted about the monophonic mode crashing, I examined whether or not this was causing my crashes in Ableton 9 when selecting 96k sample rate at 64 buffer. I normally run in monophonic mode, but switched to polyphonic mode and no crashes. Switched to monophonic mode, and it immediately crashed. So it seems the crashing I was having is an interaction of the sample rate and monophonic mode.

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thanks for the details! we should be able to trigger the problem here with that info.