Nuendo/Cubase compatibility

Is there a single person who has managed to get this software to work with Nuendo / Cubase?

Have you typed nuendo or cubase in the search field to find some useful informations?
There are more than 50 posts about it.

Of course I did some research. The vast majority of problems have not found a solution, if not all. I tried everything I could find there but it doesn’t work. I have spent hours and hours trying to get MIDI in Nuendo but it just doesn’t work. I have tried everything I could find on Youtube without success. If there is only one person who is able to make this program work with Cubase / Nuendo 11, I would like them to come forward.

Of course, I use the demo version. If I manage to get it to work in Nuendo, ie having MIDI data, I will buy the paid version. But by then, I don’t think it’s working.

Too bad it can not work with nuendo. Hope someone could have a solution here.
I believe you have seen this video from Paul Driessen: Midiguitar 2 in Cubase 8

I stopped using cubase and nuendo 15 years ago because of unacceptable proprietary restrictions and switched to Reaper which is very flexible, fully configurable, very cheap and more than sufficient for my needs. MG2 works perfect with it, either standalone or plugin version.