Obsolescence, sweet obsolescence (my newly functional 6xMG2 controller)

using the separate strings gkp-1 breakout box i’ve got six instances of mg2 running. the performance is astonishing, even typically problematic instruments like piano are playable, with zero artifacts even when using a slide.

here is a quick tour of my soon-to-be obsolete mg2x6 controller:

thank you jam origin.

equipment details: graphtech piezos > hexpander > gkp-1 > zoom l8

this took dozens of tracks in ableton, mostly for the midi routing. each of the guitar strings has its own kuassa fuzz, wah, tremolo and the top four have whammo pitch bend (different lengths, directions).

touchdaw provides: guitar volume, synth volume, synth preset selection, modulation, oct ±, fuzz/wah/trem/whammo on/off, dual kaoss pad control, and most importantly, an undo button.


Great experiments!
Lots of creative potential. :heart_eyes:

What an awesome setup! I’ve wanted to see/hear the separate-strings solution for a long time now. It seems so sturdy and robust compared to the fickle nature of any Insert brandname here pitch-to-MIDI conversion. I’ve been looking to get me a breakout cable for the day the GP-10 isn’t supported anymore.