Old Arpeggiator not working anymore


In an older version of jamorigin I changed the arpeggiator script to fit my needs. Unfortunately that script does not work anymore. It seems the delay option in the Note function is not available anymore. Can you show me how to make een arpeggiator script with the current functions. Basically I would like to edit the script of the current arpeggiator, but I can’t find the script anywhere. I am trying to make a travis picking script. Appreciate any help.

Hello Dick, welcome here !

Go to midi machines, select midi machine: create custom midi effects and select arpeggiator

Hi Herold. The problem is the arpeggiator is available to use but it’s not available in the midimachine to edit it. I checked appdata folder but it’s not there. I even reinstalled MidiGuitar but no change. And several examples do not seem to work anymore. Is het possible you send me the basic lua script for the arpeggiator so I can learn how to program it? Thanks in advance for your help.

I may have misspoken, look at this screenshot:

1/ select midi machine: create custom midi effects

2/ select arpeggiator

3/ here you are

You did not mispeak the problem is probably at my end. I did a remove the program and reinstalled. Then in the Create Custom Midi Effects there’s no Arpeggiator. I did find the older version of arpeggiator and put that in Appdata. Then the arpeggiator is available to edit. It looks the same as your last screenshot, but… It doesn’t do anything. Just on note. If I take away the delay and delay*2 the 3 note chords appear but they (obviously) do not arpeggiate. Just to be sure I have version 2.2.1 installed. Again thanks for all your help.

Here is my lua file: it is exactly the same in 2.2.1 or older version such as 1.0.3
For my part, it works fine and the bpm button adjusts the delay time as needed.
Hope it will help.

MG2 arpeggiator-v2.2.1.lua (1.5 KB)

Your file looks exactly the same as mine and it does not work either. So there must be something wrong on my computer. It simply does not show the chords (only without the delay). I will try to install on another computer and see what happens. I will let you know. P.S. The built-in Arpeggiator works just fine but looks different and also has 4 buttons (Root/Tonic, Mode, Steps and BPM). Is this a different one? Anyway, thanks for your help.