Optimized nylon guitar for MG2

New to MG2, just installed on Win10 / i5 platform, currently using AbletonLive11.
I am a classical guitar player.

Quest: how to optimize the guitar:MG2 interface for lower spurious Midi words, and lowest latency…

  1. Is there any more detail on exactly how MG2 processes input signals and captures the analog signals? (Like its signal processing algorithms / functions etc.?)
  2. what is the best guitar / pick up / transducer set up to use for lowest latency and spurious responses?

I am looking to capture Midi from a nylon string guitar, preferably polyphonic (polytonal).
Currently I find a nylon string silent guitar (solid body) with a piezo + direct flat response (non EQ’d) is better than a steel stringed solid body guitar with humbuckers; But still generates too many spurious notes into the midi data.
A metal string solid body instrument seems to be worse - too many overtones in the notes, I suspect.
I have used a range of levels from the nylon guitar.
I have used some absorber pads on the strings to reduce false note triggers.

Even so I’d like to try and improve the conversion to midi - hopefully by having better understanding of the MG2 input + processes.

Many thanks in advance, Ken