Order Cancelled

When I try to buy the plugin, It boots me out and cancels my order. How do I buy your plugin? lol

that depends on what version you are trying to buy. We’ve got 3 different products, listed here:

If you have troubles in the fastspring store: please check whether the VAT id is empty or filled with a proper ID. Use a cookiless/private window if the fastspring shop keeps refusing.
Also note that the shop will not accept choosing a country in which you currently do not reside. You can only buy with the country chosen you currently reside in. This is because of taxes.

I am buying the latest version of midi guitar & midi bass. When I open the trial, I click on to go to the web store. The web store asked for a name, license name, and email. I enter card info, and it rejects me. I did not ask for any ID of product or VAT id, so I’m not sure where that all comes into play. I just want to buy the product lol. not sure whats going on.

WuLin, have you had any success?

I cant get past this page that freezes on me
I guess it will be a New Year without Midi Guitar 2 :frowning:
I hope the Team at Jam Origin get Amazon Pay ( which is worldwide, IP, country, NOT dependant ) sorted with fastspring

Please try Use a private/cookieless browserwindow: their cookie will block endless when blocked once!
You then enter a fresh emailadress ( they blocked your emailadress…) and another paymentmethod.

We’re contacting fastspring to get them to fix this amazon pay problem.

That would be really cool :rage: Thanks for your reply Paul
I just don’t have another Visa Card to try.



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ah, that is really nice to hear! We’ve emailed them just minutes ago.
Happy new year to you too!

Still not working. Tried 2 cards 3 emails browsers other computers. I just picked up some other companies plugins and my order went through in seconds with the card I am trying on this site. I give up on your plugin.

ok, I’m sorry for that… we emailed fastspring, but we didn’t hear back from them yet.

All sorted now Paul…thanks!!! if you are ever on Fanø let me know

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I’ll leave here the problems the fastspring shop has, plus the workaround:
The blocks are without info on screen, that is annoying ofcourse.

  1. if you have entered a false VAT id or your browser has autofilled it with rubbish, the shop will block. Use a cookieless/private browser window to open the shop again.

  2. If your card bounces (for whatever reason), and you try this 4 times, your email will be blocked for about 3 days.

We hope fastspring improves upon this handling soon, we’ve emailed them our recommendations.