OSX and MOTU 828ES

Curious that the demo download recognizes the MOTU audio interface but only shows input as “Input 1” and output 1/2, when the guitar input on this unit is "Mic ! or Mic 2, the only High-Z inputs appropriate for guitar, S=Gear has no problem but Midi-guitar forces me to try the only “input 1” on the system, which is Analogue 1 on the back side which is for Kine Level inputs.
I tried routing the Mic-1 input to the analogue 1 input but that makes no sense anyway.
Result? NADA
No recognition of guitar input. I can hear the guitar in my headphones, but nothing in the midi guitar app.

why is this ?? Why doesn’t midi guitar recognize my Mic/guitar inputs as choices ??

Which version of MG are you using? (iOS, Mac Store or the fill version on our website?)
On the full version there is a input channel selector, in the interface section, and it should work.

thanks. Using the version from the website. Input channel selector does not show the XLR/1/4 inch combo inputs on the front of the unit. These are the only high impedance inputs and are for mic/ guitar uses. Since the input selector only show “input 1”, I tried that “line level” input on the back and got no response in the interface.

Ok, that’s a new bug to me after many years…
You didn’t mention if its on Mac or windows, but on windows, make sure you have the latest ASIO drivers installed.
Otherwise the workaround for now is to use a host or DAW, setup your MOTU interface in there and use the MG plugin.

iMac running 10.13.6. I will try to go over this with MOTU to discover whether it’s something in the way that the 828ES reports itself to the system. I tried to connect the Mic combo input to channel 1 input but the routing matrix would not allow it. Will report back FYI whatever is discovered.
Meantime, will try the plugin path.

OK, My favorite DAW is built on Ardour, by Harrison Consoles called Mixbus 32C.
MG is available as a plugin only on a midi track. But the logic is challenged by the need for MG to receive ‘audio’ info when a midi track is by design prepared only for midi input. This is a problem.
When I try to select input and outputs for each track, no audio out is available for a midi input.
What am I missing here?

Also, Motu informs me that the mic/guitar inputs default to channel (or ‘input’) One. So the absence of a response in MG remains a mystery. The default settings of input 1, and output 1/2 should not need any adjustment. The system is OSX 10.13.6 with no signs of problems elsewhere.


I am wondering if this problem has been solved, I am having a similar issue with Motu 828es, latest drivers. Only I am on Windows 10 not OSX. Midi Guitar can see the Motu driver, but shows 6 input channels only. I have opted to use Channel 1, plugged my audio into Channel 1. Looking at the Motu mixer, the sound is clearly present on channel 1 - but Midi Guitar is not registering ANY sound at all. NADA. Even with GAIN set to MAX, Likewise I am clueless how to solve this. I am using a Demo version of Midi Guitar 2. Won’t spend any money until this issue is solved.